The 7 Best Kona Coffee Beans | 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Most people know what coffee is and it’s one of the most popular kinds of hot beverages in the world. But if you haven’t heard of Kona coffee beans, then you might be missing out on something really good. Kona coffee is well-known to be one of the best and most expensive coffee beans in the world. Do you want to know the best Kona coffee beans that you can get? Keep reading 🙂

What Is So Special About Kona Coffee?

Kona Coffee is one of the best-tasting coffees on the planet and is a favourite among coffee connoisseurs. 100% pure Kona coffee beans are grown only on the slopes in the Kona districts in Hawaii. This coffee owes its special taste to the volcanic soil in which it is grown and exclusive harvesting practices. Due to the location, the beans are handpicked, which leads to higher labour costs. What makes Kona coffee taste so delicious is the unique climate of perfect balance in sunshine and rainfalls along with the volcanic soil that is rich in minerals. These factors bring a beautifully sweet and fruity flavour to your Kona cups. For that reason, it is regarded as one of the best gourmet coffees around the world.

Does Kona Coffee Taste Better?

If you enjoy drinking coffee, Kona coffee may be something you have tried. Many people believe it tastes better than other types of coffee. One reason it may taste better is that it’s grown in the soil of the Hawaiian Islands where the climate is perfect for growing coffee beans. Another reason it may taste better is because of how it is processed. Kona beans are roasted and processed in such a way that creates a tantalizing and delicious flavour. Kona coffee is also known to be a richer coffee. This means it contains higher levels of sugars and oils which work together to create a unique taste that is not present in other types of coffee.

Kona Coffee Grading System

Did you know that the process of grading coffee beans is a crucial step when it comes to roasting once your coffee beans have been graded, you’ll be able to tell just how flavorful your cup will be. Kona coffee is a type of coffee that is made up of specific grades. The top 5 classifications are Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1, Select and Prime.

In this article, I have selected my top 7 picks that are classified as the top 5. You should be aware that there are some Kona coffee beans that are NOT 100% pure on the market. The packages show “Kona Blend” or “Hawaiian Coffee”. Even with only 10% Kona coffee beans, it can be shown the word “Kona” in the package. I would like you to experience authentic Kona coffee, so I have picked only 100% pure beans on my list. I hope you will find your perfect Kona coffee beans according to your preferences.

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The 7 Best Kona Coffee Beans

Koa Coffee Dark Roast Wholebean Kona Coffee Tri-Pack – Best Overall

kona coffee

Koa coffee provides you with premium Kona coffee from Hawaii. The coffee beans are grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano and carefully hand-picked before expertly roasting. It’s guaranteed that you are purchasing 100% pure Kona coffee that is of the highest quality. No wonder their Kona coffee has won awards as well as been featured as “Top 10 coffees of the world” in Forbes! If you would like to try the best among Koa coffee beans, then I highly recommend their dark roast tri-pack. You’ll get to try the award-winning roast of “Private Reservice Kona Coffee” too. This can be a perfect gift for any coffee lover. I really cannot fault these Kona coffee beans and you won’t be disappointed.

Royal Kona Whole Bean Coffee, 100% Kona – Best Popularity

Royal Kona Whole Bean Coffee, 100% Kona

Royal Kona is the world’s largest roaster of Kona coffee and the leading supplier of coffee to hotels, restaurants and retail shops in Hawaii. The private reserve consists of 100% Kona coffee sourced from the best of multiple farms. This is a full-bodied medium roast and you will enjoy the aroma and smoothness of pure Kona coffee. Having said that, there seems to be inconsistent roasting, and you may find your batch too acidic or burnt.

Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee Dark Roast – Best Dark Roast

Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee Dark Roast

Greenwell Farms Dark Roast is rich and intense yet smooth and delicate. Their plantation is one of the oldest and largest Kona coffee farms. What stands out in Greenwell Farms Dark Roast is the flavour notes of roasted walnuts and dark chocolate. What a perfect combination! In addition, you will get the freshest coffee with 2-3 weekly roasting. Although it may not be a budget-friendly option, it’s certainly worth spending more for its quality. Highly recommended.

Kona Coffee Cafe 100% Kona Peaberry Medium Roast – Best Medium Roast

Kona Coffee Cafe 100% Kona Peaberry Medium Roast

Kona Coffee Cafe offers 100% Kona peaberry. It’s certainly the rarest coffee and it does not come cheap as you can imagine. However, judging from happy buyers, it’s worth every single dollar you spend. Since Kona Coffee Cafe packs the beans daily, you can expect your beans the freshest possible. Nobody wants to find out the beans smell and taste stale after opening the bag. These Kona coffee beans will bring you the great experience that you deserve.

Hayman 100% Hawaii Kona coffee pods – Best Coffee Pods

Hayman 100% Hawaii Kona coffee pods

If you have a Nespresso Original Line machine, you are lucky. You can enjoy 100% Kona coffee in the pods at home. Moreover, the package is so beautifully designed that it’s a perfect gift for any coffee lover. Hayman coffee pods are 100% Kona and you will experience the sweet and smooth coffee that Kona has as its feature. The freshness is guaranteed as the beans are roasted after receiving your order. Impressive!

Volcanica Kona Peaberry Coffee, 100% Pure – Best Ground

Volcanica Kona Peaberry Coffee, 100% Pure

Volcanica Kona peaberry coffee is fruity and nutty with low acidity. It’s certified by the state of Hawaii and customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. This coffee is conveniently ground, so you can easily try Kona coffee at home whenever you feel like even if you don’t have much time to prepare a cup of coffee. Just bear in mind that these Kona coffee beans don’t come cheap and some coffee lovers may think it’s not really worth the money.

Lion Coffee 24K Gold Roast 100% Kona – Best Well-Known

Lion Coffee 24K Gold Roast 100% Kona

Last but not least, Lion Coffee is a globally well-known Hawaiian coffee company.  If you are keen to try Kona coffee, this is a great option. The 100% pure Kona coffee is hand-picked Arabica beans and has a beautiful aroma. Although the roast level is mentioned as medium-light on the package, it’s actually more like a dark roast. Some people may taste the coffee a bit burnt due to the roast, but most will experience the Lion as smooth and consistently delicious coffee. If you want to taste authentic Kona coffee, then it’s worth paying more for the Lion Coffee.

Kona Coffee FAQ

How Do You Make Kona Coffee?

The great thing about Kona coffee is that you can use the beans for any brewing method of your choice. If you would like to experience its distinctive flavour to the fullest extent, then you may want to try a French press since you will have the coffee oils in your cup.

Here is how to make Kona coffee:

  1. Choose your Kona coffee beans depending on your preferences.
  2. Grind your beans according to your chosen brewing method. If you are using a French press, you will need a coarse grind. If it’s an espresso machine, it should be a fine grind.
  3. Use 2 tablespoons of coffee per 8 oz cup of water.
  4. Prepare filtered water for brewing. The optimal temperature of hot water should be between 195 and 205 Fahrenheit degrees,
  5. Brew your coffee with your preferred method.

Is Kona Coffee Arabica Or Robusta?

Simply put, Kona coffee is Arabica beans from the Kona districts of Hawaii. Kona coffee beans are grown and harvested on the slopes in the Northern and Southern Kona regions. With that being said, some roasters have switched to Robusta in the past decade. The benefit to Robusta is that it is less expensive to grow- generally half the price. On the other hand, Arabica is more expensive but has been found to be a better quality product.

Where To Buy Kona Coffee

One of the most convenient ways to buy 100% pure Kona coffee is to order on Amazon. My tip to get the freshest beans is to select a company that will ship your order directly from their farm.

Does Starbucks Have Kona Coffee?

The answer is “yes”. Starbucks has 100% Kona coffee and you can purchase it on Amazon. It tends to be hard to get, so you should grab a bag or two while still available. You may wonder if you can purchase Kona coffee beans from Starbucks. Well, the answer is Yes, Starbucks does have Kona coffee on the menu. One of the most popular Kona coffees from Starbucks is the Kona Blend. This blend was originally a creation by Starbucks and was inspired by its own original blend. However, it’s not always in stock, so you may need to check the availability once in a while.

Why Is Kona Coffee So Expensive?

Unlike other coffees, Kona Coffee is known to be one of the world’s most expensive coffee beans. The reason for this is that Kona coffee beans are difficult to grow. There is a large variety of climate factors that affect the harvest of these crops, which increases the cost. Additionally, the low production of Kona coffee beans makes them highly coveted. The following are factors that may contribute to why Kona coffee is so expensive.

  • The growing process is difficult due to the large variety of climate factors, which increases the cost.
  • The low production rates make them difficult to attain which increases the prices.
  • The location makes the labour cost high because the coffee beans need to be handpicked.

Final Thoughts

Kona coffee is undoubtedly the finest and rarest beans in the world. Some people may say that it is overrated and overpriced. However, it is definitely worth trying at least once as a coffee lover. It is unique and addictive due to its distinctive flavour.

If you have been to Hawaii and experienced pure Kona coffee, trying one of the beans listed in this article will bring back your beautiful memory. Our sense of taste is perfectly connected to our memories. The more unique the flavour is, the stronger the memory becomes. Kona coffee beans can be a perfect example of this statement and you will want to experience it by yourself.

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