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Best Coffee Roasters | Fresh Roast Coffee To Your Door

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As coffee lovers, we cannot stop enjoying the aroma that freshly roasted coffee beans will deliver to us. There was a local coffee roaster where I used to live and I did enjoy driving past every morning on the way to work. I could say that I would enjoy the aroma of coffee more than the taste sometimes. Personally, I might be more addicted to the aroma than the actual brown liquid 🙂 Well, this could be just an emphasis on how much I love the aroma of coffee. There’s no wonder why I got curious about discovering the best coffee roasters!

In this article, I would love to help you get that fresh coffee without going all the way out. It has become more convenient for us to order coffee online and get it delivered due to the current pandemic. Yes, you read it right. That delicious coffee beans will be delivered to you. How convenient it is! Let me share my discovery with you here. Allow me to list the US & Australia coffee roasters only as the main readers of my blog are from these two countries.

Best Coffee Roasters In The USA


Intelligentsia does focus on quality and they have a direct relationship with their coffee growers. There are 2 locations where the coffee beans are roasted: one in Chicago and the other in Los Angels.

There is a subscription service and it includes free shipping. Otherwise free shipping on US orders of $40 or more. I would recommend this season’s best bundle since you can save $10 compared to be purchased individually.

Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee has developed the Direct Trade model of sourcing coffee beans. What this means is that they pay higher prices for the quality, they actually visit growers to get to know them and work together, and they keep the relationship over the years.

They can ship coffee outside of the US with an order by email and then by phone for payment. Please keep in mind that they do not ship pre-ground coffee as freshness is extremely important to make delicious cups of coffee.

Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee offers a subscription service only with free shipping within the US. They ship coffee worldwide and there is no commitment on the subscription.

The best part is that you will get fresh coffee at affordable prices. If you buy 4 bags of 12oz beans, then you will save up to 42% off retail prices. What a great deal it is!

Yes Plz Coffee

Yes Plz is extremely unique in that they deliver new coffee each week. What does this mean? They source the best beans worldwide and roast them in Los Angeles to release a new delicious blend weekly. It cannot get more unique than that. If you prefer single-origin coffee, they can do it for you too.

You can select either 340g (12oz) or 250g (8.8oz) and the frequency of delivery to your door with free shipping within the US. You can try their sample bag for free with only a $3 shipping fee. It is definitely worth trying.

Olympia Coffee

Olympia Coffee was born in Olympia as the name would suggest. It started small, but it has grown much bigger than the founders would’ve probably imagined (They sold the business in 2010.).

Olympia Coffee is certified as a B Corp (Benefit Corporation) and this proves how much they care about their coffee beans and people related to them including customers. Moreover, if you order more than 4 bags of 12oz coffee or a bulk bag of more than 3lb, you will get free shipping within the US.

Coava Coffee

I love the story of Coava Coffee and I hope you will too. It began in Portland in 2008 by Matt Higgins. He studied and worked hard to make his dream of the coffee business come true. His dedication to sourcing the best quality beans is impressive and his hands-on approach is respectable.

They focus on single-origin coffee only. You can buy their beans as a one-off or a subscription. They offer free shipping on orders over $25, which is quite accessible (free shipping on subscriptions). They have a limited time offer of a free chocolate bar on orders over $30. Great bonus!

Nossa Familia Coffee

Nossa Familia means ‘our family’ in Portuguese. It was founded in Portland in 2004 by Brazilian native Augusto Carneiro. His family has grown coffee in Brazil since the 1890s and he decided to bring his family’s beautiful beans to Portland. We are lucky that he did.

They keep expanding as in the cafe locations and coffee farms where they source their beans from. They are the first certified B Corp in Portland.

Equator Coffees

Equator Coffees started in a garage in Marin County in 1995 by two ladies, Helen and Brooke. It became the first B Corp certified coffee roaster in California in 2011. The company has grown so well that it founded its very own coffee farm in Panama in 2008. It is incredible!

They offer 30% off your first subscription order and free shipping on all subscriptions, so why not try their coffee today? They also sell other merchandise and brewing equipment that you may want to have a look at.

Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve was born in Santa Cruz in 2007 by college pals, Ryan and Colby. Their passion for coffee has made Verve expand and they have opened cafes all the way to Japan.

They offer a gift subscription that will be perfect for your coffee-loving friends. Their selection is unique: There are instant craft coffee packets and dripkit so that you can just add hot water and enjoy. You can even order nitro flash brew that will be delivered cold. Except for the nitro flash brew, the standard shipping is free. How generous!

Tandem Coffee Roasters

A couple, Will and Kathleen opened Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland in 2012. In 2014, they opened a second cafe with a bakery. Perfect match with their longtime friend Briana who is a born baker.

They ship to 242 countries and the US shipping is a flat rate of $7 whereas free shipping on orders over $50. What is unique about Tandem is that they sell green beans so that you can experiment roasting the beans at home. Free shipping on subscriptions within the US.


Are you having a difficult time deciding which one to go to? No worries! If you would like to try different coffee roasters and choose the beans conveniently, MistoBox can do the job.

There are more than 500 coffee beans to choose from. Once you select the coffee, then one of their coffee roasters will freshly roast it. It will be directly delivered to your door. How awesome!

coffee roasters

Best Coffee Roasters In Australia

Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee was born in Melbourne in 2009 as a boutique coffee roastery and retailer and there 6 coffee shops across Melbourne. Their commitment to quality is not only for coffee but also everything related to the business: organic milk, organic sugar, packaging, and staff training. They offer coffee brewing and roasting classes for home baristas.

Market Lane subscription starts from AU$20 of 250g bag/fortnight. It is quite flexible and you can request pre-ground coffee. They ship internationally and offer free shipping on orders over $40 within Australia.

Blackstar Coffee Roasters

Personally, Blackstar Coffee Roasters has been one of my local favourites and their coffee has never disappointed me. It was born when a founder Martin Richards returned from NZ in 2006 and realised the need for specialty coffee in Brisbane. I am really glad that he did 🙂 The roastery is now a purpose-built centre for everything about coffee: roasting, cupping, barista training, cold brewing and coffee events.

They participate in the Coffee For Trees initiative and each kilogram of coffee they sell contributes to planting 3 trees. If you choose a subscription, then you will get a 10% discount. Why not love Blackstar?

Single O

Single O, formerly known as Single Origin Roasters, opened in Sydney in 2003 (The name has shortened as a traditional Aussie culture!). They offer blends as well just in case you might wonder. They also offer handy coffee bags that are pre-filled with single-origin coffee. You can brew delicious coffee easily just like using a teabag. Actually, they do sell chai. chocolate and tea too.

Single O has a cafe in Tokyo where I was born. They ship internationally and if you live locally, you can pick up your order for free. There is a good selection of equipment that you can order online.

Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in Melbourne, Australia and Portland, the USA. Just like other coffee roasters in this article, Proud Mary is dedicated to quality coffee. The founder, Nolan Hirte is recognised as a specialty coffee pioneer in Australia.

The choices of subscriptions are AU$24 coffee, deluxe coffee, coffee gift and filter paper. They ship internationally except in the US. If you live in the US, then you will want to check the Proud Mary US store.

Coffee Alchemy

Coffee Alchemy started small, but it has grown bigger and bigger. It is based in Sydney and they have won a lot of Champion titles and awards!

There is a flat rate of AU$5.95 on shipping for under $49 orders and free for over $49 across Australia. The good news is that they ship internationally if you live outside of Australia.

ONA Coffee

Founded in 2008 by Sasa Sestic, ONA Coffee is based in Canberra. The range of selection is quite interesting since there is a high-end bag of AU$110 of 200g coffee beans!

They offer barista training and cupping sessions along with private and custom sessions in Canberra and Sydney. ONA Coffee has won impressive awards like ‘World Barista Champion’ and ‘Australia Barista Champion’. Please note that there is no subscription available.

Mecca Coffee

Mecca Coffee opened in Sydney in 2005 and their pursuit of great coffee has never stopped. They ask questions and find answers to do better for the planet and the people.

Their coffee includes single-origin, blend, decaf and Nespresso compatible pods. You can select a subscription so that your daily coffee won’t run out.

Wolff Coffee Roasters

Wolff Coffee Roasters was born in 2010 after Peter and Penny Wolff chose to set up a new coffee roaster in Brisbane. Peter is recognised as one of the few Master Roasters in Australia. Their knowledge and reputation are well known worldwide and they have trained a lot of roasters and baristas who want to start their career in the coffee industry both domestically and internationally.

What is cool about Wolff is that you can actually craft your own unique blend! You will even be able to have your own personalised label and add a sweet message for your loved one. Moreover, you can get AU$10 off if you order more than 4 bags of 250g coffee (AU$20 for 1 bag of craft your blend). What more could you ask for?

Small Batch

It all started in Andrew Kelly’s backyard experiments with a heat gun and a colander. His obsession with delicious coffee has made Small Batch established in Melbourne in 2008. They help us make cafe-quality coffee at home.

They offer subscriptions, but if you cannot decide which coffee, then you may want to try their sample box first. You will have a choice of filter, espresso or combo and the prices range from AU$38-$75.

Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery

The founder, Gary Newcome has decades of experience and knowledge of perfect coffee and his passion has passed onto the second generation. Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery own one of Australia’s most innovative and high performing roastery equipment and they are a market leader in the coffee industry.

They offer barista training and technical service with highly qualified commercial technicians as well as helping you roast your own brand of coffee. They are indeed an experienced roastery!

Orbit Coffee

If you would like to compare and try coffee beans easily or order more than one roaster at a time, then you may want to check Orbit Coffee. They hand-pick their favourite beans from the roasters across Melbourne so that you can simply select your beans in one place.

If your delivery address is within 10km of Melbourne CBD, the delivery is free of charge. There is a flat rate of AU$7 anywhere else within Australia. Express shipping is AU$10 if you urgently need that delicious coffee. You can contact them if you want it delivered outside of Australia.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of coffee roasters worldwide. Each roaster has its own unique story. Whenever I read it, I feel it is like reading a good book. The stories are beautiful and inspiring. What I can say is every one of the roasters has a passion and love for coffee. Amazingly, the coffee beans they roast can deliver their passion and love to us through the aroma and taste.

It is definitely convenient and satisfying to get your fresh coffee beans delivered to your door. To make it even better, the best coffee roasters can guarantee the freshness and deliciousness of the beans. You don’t need to get disappointed at the stale coffee from your grocery shops anymore. It is worth trying any of the coffee roasters in this article. Need help with grinding your coffee beans? No worries! There is a perfect article for you, so check it out.

Next time when you are having your coffee, why not imagine the story behind it so that you can enjoy it even more? Please let me know if you have any recommendation for any other coffee roasters.

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