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The 9 Best Commercial Espresso Machines | 2024 Review

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Whenever I go into cafes for coffee, I cannot help staring at their beautiful espresso machines. Commercial espresso machines are very different from home espresso machines. The appearance, the function, and the price range are the main differences. If you are planning to open a cafe, you will absolutely need a high-quality commercial espresso machine. It is crucial for your successful business. As a small business owner, you may want to choose a smaller machine for your new cafe at the beginning. If you are already operating your cafe business and it is about time to upgrade your espresso machine, you may need some information on the best commercial espresso machines. In this article, I’m going to review the 9 best commercial espresso machines on the market according to your business need.

How To Choose A Commercial Espresso Machine

There are plenty of factors to consider when looking to purchase a commercial espresso machine. The right machine can provide a delicious tasting coffee for your restaurant or cafe and give customers a great experience. When deciding on which machine to buy, you should consider how many cups of espresso drinks you plan on serving, as well as the size of your budget. You may also want to consider the features of the machine that you need.

Manual, Semi-Automatic, or Automatic

  • A manual machine requires more skills to operate and needs more care and maintenance. Unless your coffee shop has a vintage theme and using a vintage machine is necessary, you may want to choose more efficient semi-automatic or automatic machines.
  • A semi-automatic machine is a great option if you have a skilled barista who can pull high-quality espresso shots consistently and froth milk properly.
  • An automatic machine may not be the best for coffee quality, but it can produce consistent quality coffee with ease. You don’t necessarily need a highly skilled barista for this type of machine.

Coffee Volume

It is important to figure out how many cups of coffee you are approximately going to make. You will need to keep in mind that each espresso machine is capable of handling different volumes of cups. Therefore, your best choice depends on the desirable volume that the machine can produce.


Any choice of a commercial espresso machine won’t come cheap. It is an essential asset for your cafe business and you will want to make the best decision on it. In general, machines with more features cost more whereas basic machines cost less. You need to take every aspect into consideration according to your business plan to make your business sustainable.

How Much Does A Commercial Espresso Machine Cost?

Commercial espresso machines are designed for use in a business setting and can be a great investment for your cafe or restaurant. However, commercial espresso machines can be expensive, with prices ranging from several hundred dollars to more than $10,000.  It’s important to do your research before making a purchase. There are a number of factors to consider, such as the size of your establishment, the type of coffee you serve, and how often the machine will be used. When shopping for a commercial espresso machine, be sure to ask the seller plenty of questions. Get estimates for service and repairs, and find out what type of warranty the machine comes with. It’s also important to make sure you have enough space to accommodate the machine. If you’re ready to invest in a commercial espresso machine, here are the 9 best of my favourites next.

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The 9 Best Commercial Espresso Machines

Rancilio Classe 5 S TANK Commercial Espresso Machine

Rancilio is one of the best commercial espresso machine brands on the market. Rancilio Classe 5 S is made from beautiful stainless steel. It’s simple, modern and practical at the same time. There are semi-automatic buttons, which allow you to control when to start and stop an espresso shot.  Another advantage that I love about Rancilio Classe 5 S is its feature of a 4L heat exchange boiler, which makes it possible to brew espresso and froth milk at the same time. It’s definitely a time saver for commercial use. Although you will need to have a separate grinder, I would say the Classe 5 S is a great investment for your coffee business.

De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Coffee Machine EC9335M

best commercial coffee machines

Made in Italy, the best country to manufacture high-quality espresso machines, the De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Coffee machine has a good balance of manual control and automatic function. You don’t even need to pay attention to the tamping pressure as it can simply be done by pulling the lever. Although it may not be easy to start, reading through the instructions will help you customise the settings perfectly. Moreover, this Italian coffee machine is relatively quick to heat up, which is a huge plus! However, the drawback can be the fact that you cannot extract your coffee beans and froth your milk simultaneously.

Breville The Dynamic Duo Espresso Machine with Grinder BEP920BSS

best commercial coffee machine

Breville The Dynamic Duo Espresso Machine comes with a  separate grinder that has a quality conical burr. With its dosing IQ technology, the grinder recognises the change you have made and automatically adjusts the dose. How clever! Moreover, it has PID technology to control the right water temperature which is necessary for brewing perfect espresso shots. In addition, Dynamic Duo also can extract espresso and froth milk simultaneously. To make it even better, it can produce micro-foam texture so that your latte art will truly shine. The downside would be the slow heating system. Having said that, it’s worth having this espresso machine with its 100% control on grinding your coffee beans.

Jura S8 Chrome

Jura S8 Chrome

Jura is founded in 1931 in Switzerland and it is best known for its fully automated espresso machines worldwide. You can choose 15 different types of coffee by simply touching a button. Moreover, it has a touch screen for easy use. Perfect for people who love the latest technology. With its patented Pulse Extraction Process, Jura S8 makes it possible to deliver ultimate coffee quality. Since it is fully automatic, you don’t even need to tamp your freshly ground coffee! You can manually froth milk if you prefer to control the milk texture, but this machine can do the job to save you time. How clever and efficient it is! However, be aware that the coffee may not be hot enough.

Jura WE8 Professional

Here’s another one from Jura. The WE8 is simple to use, yet it has great features that a commercial espresso machine is supposed to have. The modern and stylish design is not only visually attractive but also completely efficient. It has a bigger capacity in the water tank and bean hopper than the S8. In addition, just like the Jura S8, this espresso machine also has the Pulse Extraction Process that enables espresso extraction to optimise. What I like about the Jura WE8 is the easy customisation for coffee strength, water/milk volume and temperature. However, there is a downside to this machine and you may find the coffee/milk temperature a bit lukewarm, which is a similar issue with the Jura S8. With that being said, the Jura WE8 is a great commercial espresso machine that can deliver delicious coffee consistently.

La Pavoni Bar-T 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Made in Italy, this is one of the best commercial espresso machines from La Pavoni. I like its beautiful and professional appearance. To make it even better, it’s completely functional with two groups, two double spout portafilters and two steam wands. What exactly does it mean? Well, La Pavoni Bar-T can produce up to 600 drinks a day! Another benefit is its direct connection to your water line, which enables you to fill the water tank without manually doing it by yourself. However, the drawbacks can be the cost and required skills to fully utilise this espresso machine. With that being said, its latest technology and highest-quality components make it possible to deliver consistently great coffee for a long time. This is absolutely essential for your business.

Nouva Simonelli Appia Life Volumetric

Appia Life Volumetric

Appia Life Volumetric by Nouva Simonelli, another Italian brand, can be your ultimate espresso machine for your coffee shop without paying top dollar. With its advanced boiler system, you will be assured of coffee extraction and milk-frothing at the same time. Another point to mention is the Soft Infusion System. This system allows your ground coffee to saturate slowly and evenly, which ensures superior quality coffee efficiently and consistently. In addition, the reverse mirror enables any baristas to easily locate the portafilter even if they are not experienced. Moreover, you have a choice of colour (black, red or white), the number of group heads (1, 2 or 3), and the addition of the automatic frothing system. The Appia Life Volumetric might not look modern or sophisticated in its design, but it’s quite reliable to produce delicious cups of coffee in a commercial volume.

Nouva Simonelli Aurelia Wave Volumetric

Nouva Simonelli Aurelia Wave VolumetricLast but not least, here comes Nouva Simonelli Aurelia Wave. In addition to what the Appia Life has, the Aurelia Wave has heaps more functions that you will love. One of the greatest features is easy programming with a touch of a button. The beautiful LCD display can definitely make it easy to program dosing, pre-infusion and heat boiler pressure. Furthermore, it has an auto-purge function as well as auto cleaning, which would make any barista’s work much easier. You will also choose the number of group heads (2 or 3) and the colour (black, red or white). You will be fully satisfied with what the Aurelia Wave delivers. I cannot fault this amazing commercial espresso machine. Although it may not be the most affordable option, I would highly recommend using it for high-volume coffee shops. You won’t regret it!

Final Thoughts

Understanding the basic equipment for coffee can be very helpful when trying to brew a great cup. One of the easiest ways to get good results is by spending a little more money on the quality of the equipment. The best commercial espresso machine will have you making the perfect cup in no time. Actually, it is vital for your coffee business to have a commercial-grade espresso machine. It can handle a high volume of quality coffee efficiently and consistently. You will need to figure out your needs such as the volume and barista skills in choosing the best commercial espresso machine for your coffee shop.

It won’t come cheap and it will become one of the biggest investments in your business. Therefore, I would like you to compare the commercial espresso machines in this article and choose the best fit for you. I would be really happy if you could find my top picks helpful in some way. On the contrary, if you are a home barista and looking for a budget coffee machine, you may want to read this article 🙂

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